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Number Sense


Dyscalculia Indicators Questionnaire – is a qualitative check list of questions that capture individuals view and perception of dyscalculia.

The report provides indicators of dyscalculia and recommendations of specific areas that require further investigation to determine approaches to intervention.

Assessment time: approx. 15 minutes.

Dyscalculia Number Sense Profiler – is a quantitative test that provides a detailed understanding of areas of strength and weaknesses within the NumberSenseMMR™ profile.

The report provides specific recommendations for intervention as well as measure of Functional Skills performance in maths.

Assessment time: 30 minutes.

Dyscalculia Cognitive Sub-tests – are a collection of short tests to provide an understanding of underlying cognitive processes that influence dyscalculia.

The reports provide performance measures that can collectively be used with the number sense profile to support accommodations and adjustments for individuals. (coming soon!)

Assessment time: Approx: 2-5 minutes each.

Dynamo Post14 Screener is a collection of online dyscalculia qualitative and quantitative tests that provide organisations and individuals a battery of structured tests, from the first steps of identifying indicators of dyscalculia, to developing understanding individuals areas of strength across the number sense profile and identifying the cognitive capacities of anxiety, working memory and speed of processing.

The screeners use the research and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ framework, that has been validated with correlation study by the University of Oxford.

Dynamo Post14 Screener is ideal for colleges and organisations looking to reposition individuals maths skills for pre-Functional Skills, GCSE and in readiness for employment or career change.


  • Provides an indicators of dyscalculia.
  • individual Number Sense developmental profile and identifies Number Sense strengths and skills for repositioning.
  • Performance Profile that is mapped to the Functional Skills framework (E1, E2, E3, L1, L2).
  • Provides an Individual Support Plan that outlines the targeted areas of learning across a range of Strands, supported by speed of processing, response times and scores
  • Identifies if the individual is at-risk of developmental dyscalculia and/or maths developmental delays.
  • Provides a detailed Recommendations Report that describes the assessment outcomes, recommendations and suggested manipulatives.
  • Differentiates developmental dyscalculia from maths developmental delays helping target specific skills set.
  • Provides cognitive skills measures.
  • Easy to administer online dyscalculia assessment supported with observation tools.
  • Maintains a score history that can monitor progress and performance after the intervention.
  • Inclusive SEN/ALN accommodations support audit tools.

Dynamo Post14 Screener use the researched and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ framework. The framework has been validated with statistical correlation study by the University of Oxford.

The screeners are ideal for use by colleges and organisations to reposition individuals maths skills for Functional Skills, GCSE and in readiness for employment or career change.

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Dynamo Post14 – Dyscalculia Support for Adults

Discover each pupil’s unique developmental number sense strengths and challenges.
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