About us

JellyJames Publishing is a dynamic and rapidly growing organisation that provides research and evidence-based online resources, and training for schools, colleges, universities and learning centres.

Our drive lies in developing educational products that focus on removing obstacles to learning and administrative barriers for teachers. Our products have received multiple prestigious awards and recognition.

JellyJames specialises in the area of developmental dyscalculia, to support individuals significantly struggle with using and applying numbers confidently.  The dyscalculia assessments have been developed against the researched and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ framework.

Primary School:

1.Dynamo Maths – Standardised Assessment and Intervention

2. Puffin Maths: standardised assessment and intervention giving the deaf and hard-of-hearing children access to the curriculum.

Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities and Workplace:

1.DynamoPost 14 – Online dyscalculia assessment.

Our head office is based in Harrow, Middlesex UK, and we extend our support and services to partners on five continents.